Circuit breakers are a necessary and crucial part of our homes. They protect an electrical circuit from damage and overheating caused by overcurrent/overload or short circuit. Its basic purpose is to interrupt current flow to a particular electrical line or circuit.

But are all circuit breakers created equal? In this blog, we discuss the dangers of used or refurbished circuit breakers and why newly manufactured breakers are the only safe and effective choice for you and your home.

Used Vs. New Manufactured Circuit Breakers

Choosing to install used or refurbished circuit breakers puts the home and everyone in it in danger. As a safety threat, these breakers offer no guarantee that they will function safely and effectively. Not only do they have questionable pasts that are impossible to track, they may be damaged on the inside due to corrosion and water. On top of that, the sealant on these reconditioned breakers has most likely been removed and replaced with other sealants that aren’t professionally applied in a factory. In many cases, an amateur has sealed the circuit back up after removing and replacing non-functional components.

Even if circuit breakers look safe on the outside and pass every test, it’s always a smart and safe choice to use newly manufactured circuit breakers whenever replacements are required.  

As a respectable and professional electrician or technician, you most likely know how dangerous refurbished circuit breakers can be. When you’re looking for a replacement circuit breaker, always choose newly manufactured. You will give your customers peace of mind knowing that it will work safely and effectively due to their correct labeling, proper manufacturing date, and rigorous testing in a factory.


Looking for the safest, most efficient, newly manufactured replacement breakers? At Connecticut Electric, we offer newly manufactured listed replacement breakers for the OEM breaker specification. Recently, we launched both QB and NB commercial bolt-on breakers. These are very similar to QC and NA residential breakers, yet the commercial version is considered a "bolt-on" breaker due to the way it attaches to the bus bar. These are exclusively for Zinsco (QB) and Federal Pacific (NB). Connecticut Electric is the only manufacturer of "NEW", UL 489 safety agency tested, ETL listed replacement circuit breakers for these panels. Our UBI line of Pushmatic, Federal Pacific, Challenger, Zinsco and Wadsworth replacements are the only safe choice. They are always new, never refurbished or remanufactured. Our warranty is industry-leading at ten years with breaker registration on our website.

Need Newly Manufactured Circuit Breakers? Restock at Connecticut Electric

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