COVID-19 has disrupted nearly all aspects of our lives, including shattering supply chains and leading to shortages of essential supplies. With several industries across the globe suffering from supply shortages, it can be challenging to find the parts you need. As an electrician, dealing with these shortages can be frustrating and challenging. After all, without parts, you can't do the work you need to do.

Along with other products, electricians have been running into a shortage of circuit breakers. Here's a deeper look at the circuit breaker shortage and what you can do to beat it.  

Why There's a Circuit Breaker Shortage

We all know the primary reason why there's a lot of shortages is the pandemic. Several companies were forced to shut down, leading to a disrupted supply chain and lack of raw materials. This made it nearly impossible to make the products we rely on each day. Over a year into the pandemic, almost every industry was affected.

Production activities of circuit breakers have been hindered, while installation and maintenance activities in residential, commercial, and industrial applications have been postponed or canceled.

That being said, the supplies you need to do your job as an electrician may be more available than you think. Here's a look at what you can do to make sure you have what you need to keep your business up and running during the shortage.

What to Do When Shortages Happen

We understand how stressful shortages are to deal with. The best advice we can offer is to properly prepare by storing enough supplies to keep you going for a while, regardless if there's a shortage or not.

But who do you turn to if you want to begin preparing during a shortage? First, you'll need to make sure you seek a reputable business that offers high-quality, new parts. This may mean you'll need to purchase a different brand of circuit breakers than you previously have or shopping at a different company than you're used to. However, it'll be worth it since you know you have high-quality and safe circuit breakers.

If you're unsure of reputable suppliers or manufacturers, take a look at Connecticut Electric. We'll touch on that more below.

When researching where to find circuit breakers during a shortage, be wary of dangerous counterfeit products as well as used products.  A used product may have come from a damaged panel and may be over 50 years old. Not only are they a potential safety hazard, but they're lower quality and can quickly wear out. It may be tempting to purchase used products as they may be more readily available, but it'll only cost you and your customers in the long run. With that said, avoid these products to protect your business and customers.

Connecticut Electric's Circuit Breakers

Although many companies are dealing with shortages, Connecticut Electric has a solid supply of circuit breakers available. If finding the circuit breakers and other electrical products you need has proven to be problematic during this time, we highly recommend taking a look at our large variety of inventory.

We manufacture replacement circuit breakers for hard-to-find brands like Federal Pacific, Challenger, Pushmatic, and Zinsco. Each of these circuit breakers is high-quality and currently available. Plus, these breakers are certified new manufacturing, never refurbished. And while many manufacturers only offer a 2-year warranty, we offer our customers a 10-year warranty.

We're ready to help you restock your supply of circuit breakers despite this shortage that the market is currently facing. Additionally, we have plenty of other electric supplies still available as well.  While it's undoubtedly true that supply shortages are stressful and even scary at times, knowing there is someone you can go to to get help can make all the difference. You can recover your supply of circuit breakers and other electrical parts when you shop at Connecticut Electric today.

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